Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm riding a tidal wave!

hey friends ~ well, I leave in 11 days for the Highlights workshop. I'm getting pretty excited about it. I have 7 fifteen page manuscripts to read and make notes on before I go and have done 2 so far. It's really neat to see what other fantasy writers have come up with.

God is blessing me in ways you can't imagine. A great, big tidal wave of blessing! I told my daughter's equine therapist, Jill, about the workshop and how I was accepted and how I'm working to earn the money to go. I had prayed about sending out support letters, but felt God was telling me not to do it. He said He would bring in the money. I was to keep working at whatever came my way and trust Him. So, I did. I got some editing jobs, a sewing job, a cleaning job, am planning a yard sale this weekend, did a friend's hair and a couple of friends gave me money. Jill was so excited about all this that she told a friend. Her friend is so excited about my story, SHE wants to send money. She's going to send $500!! That was on Wednesday last week.

Thursday, Jill calls to tell me she told another friend and that friend wants to send $100! By this time, I'm dizzy with excitement.

Saturday, we attended the spaghetti dinner fundraiser for the Autism Center and Jill was the speaker. She came up to me in the beginning and said she had told all the teachers in her school and they want to send money, too! She thinks she has $1,200!!! My knees almost gave out! HA!! I have a balance of $1,500 and here, Jill has raised almost all of it. And without me asking for a penny. WOW!!

I'm riding this tidal wave of blessing and screaming COWABUNGA! and wondering where in the world I'll end up! But I know God will be with me.

Isn't it amazing? I wanted to share this with you in hopes that your faith will be encouraged. God doesn't always make things this easy, so when He does, it's cause for celebration. I hope you all hang in there and keep working and look for the blessings. I can't wait to go and come back and share everything I learned with you!!

Glory to God!