Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Philly Conference Report

hey FFFers! The Philly conference was really good this year. Everyone I talked to said they learned a lot and had great appointments. I enjoyed spending the day on Thursday with the teens. We started at 10am and finished up at 5:45pm. It was a long day, but everyone hung in there and we finished up with a great critique session.

I'm excited to report that an agent asked for the full manuscript of my fantasy novel, Fairyeater! I'm waiting to hear.

And an editor asked me to send three of my children's manuscripts. I'll be sending those in September after my illustrator friend gets her sketches done.

I was happy to meet Rachel Joy and see Elisabeth and Danielle again. Hi girls!!

So, what do you do when a conference is done and you've sent in the manuscripts an editor or agent has asked for? You start a new project! I'll be working on my next fantasy novel, Koda's Quest. I've had the prologue and first chapter done for a while now, but wasn't able to move on until I finished up some other things. And I'll be attending the Writing for the Ages conference at the Glen Eyrie Castle in Colorado Springs on Sept. 11-14th. Am totally looking forward to that! There's still time to register if you can make it. Check it out here:

It's not a typical conference where editors and agents will be looking for submissions. It's more of a mentoring conference. There will be workshops, activities, and writing time. I can't wait to work on Koda's Quest. Imagine writing a fantasy novel in a castle near the Garden of the Gods! What could be better?

Let's share what we're working on before the next topic. I love to hear what you're doing!


  1. Hey Pam--that's exciting that an editor requested the full MS! Here's hoping that it gets contracted!! :D

    What I'm working on...oooh boy. Four short stories for an anthology, rewriting/editing my novel Half Blood, and plotting/doing character stuff on a novella, A Bargain With an Elf, and my next novel, Downfall, and writing an online steampunk novel with two friends. Plus learning the ropes of social networking. ;)

  2. Ditto on everything you said, Pam :) It was great to see you, too ^_^

    Wheww.... I'm trying very hard to actively develop some of my less convincing characters by asking them questions, drawing them, writing them in short scenes and basically thinking about them 24/7. Plodding away at Avaria, still.... Always, I think sometimes XD

  3. It was great meeting you there, too Pam!
    Right now, I have a bunch of stuff to do, so I have to wait a while till I can write.

    I think my favorite part of the conference was Mr. Baehr's screenwriting class. I'm actually thinking of making my story into a screenplay instead of a novel now. We'll see...(!)

    Ooh! And I'm happy for you that you got an agent interested in Fairyeater! Can't wait to read it!

  4. Thanks, everyone! And in the words of the immortal Dorrie: Just keep writing! Just keep writing!