Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Something fun

hey FFFers - here's a fun thing: http://thebestsellercode.com/

It tells compares your writing to established authors and scores you 0-20 on if your writing is strong enough to be considered "best-selling."

I entered the beginning of chapter one of Fairyeater and scored a 14.1. Pretty good. Then I did the beginning of chapter two and scored a 3.4. YIKES! And an editor told me chapter two was stronger than chapter one. HA!

So, try it and see what you think. It's just for fun. I'll get back to writing posts when things have settled down here. My husband was dianosed with Bell's Palsy on Sat. night and we're a bit weary at the moment.

Happy Testing!


  1. I entered my prologue for my YA fantasy - I GOT A 20/20!!! AAAHHh! *faints* Thank you for this =) It's a blast.

  2. That's great, Mirriam! Congrats on your best seller! :D