Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's Been Quite a While

hey FFFers - wow, has it really been since Feb. that I've posted? I've totally lost my sense of time and I'm sorry. Life has been really hectic lately. I kept thinking about my blog, but did not get around to posting anything. We last left off talking about characters. This is a good place for me right now. See, I entered Fairyeater in the ACFW Genesis contest. I did not make the semi-final round, but got some good notes. The judges spoke mostly about character development for my main character, Akeela. Then one of the members of my writer's group read through the manuscript again and suggested a couple of MAJOR revisions to the plot. I'll bel showing Fairyeater at the Colorado conference in May and don't have time to totally rewrite my grand, epic fantasy adventure. But I need to do something. What's a writer to do? Let's keep talking about character development. What makes a flat character? A stereo-typical character? And how can you rescue them? I look forward to your input.


  1. Thanks for the nice post Pam. Your post about character development brought forth a memory of my own. My 3 biggest critic's (mom, sister, daughter) fell in love with 2 minor characters and asked me to expand on their story. Excellent decision, because it brough more to the overall story.

  2. Yes, that happens and it's okay as long as it improves your story.