Monday, September 30, 2013

What kind of fantasy should we write?

I just read an interesting article on fiction and the Bible.

In this article, the writer talks about people in the Bible who told stories, or parables. These stories, while fiction, were used to teach some truth. I believe this is the same with fantasy stories. We can reveal great truths in fantasy at the same time we engage and entertain.

As a Christian person, whatever I write is filtered through my Christian worldview. That includes my fantasy, whether I mention God and the Bible or not.  Just like the book of Esther, which never mentions God by name, my fantasy reveals my faith and love for God and His truth.

How do you handle telling the truth in your fantasy?

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  1. Great question! In my work, I've tried to tell the truth with real characters and themes of light and dark. Some may find the metaphor too opaque, others may think it's not subtle enough -- but I tried to find the middle ground. Truth and fantasy can coexist!