Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Flash Fiction

Hey FFFers - I know, I know.   I've been silent for a LONG time.  Just poking my head in now and then.  I'm sorry.  And I know I've lost many of you.  Life is sooooo busy and full with writing and editing and taking care of grandchildren and writing/revising my novel, Fairyeater. My agent is amazing, and she's given me lots of work to do before submitting to the editors who want to see it.

But I wanted to share something you may already know about - Flash Fiction. Who else writes this? I'm learning about it because of a contest for the Realm Makers conference the end of May.  (realmmakers.com)

I didn't know a thing about writing Flash Fiction, so I googled it and found these great tips from David Gaffney: http://www.theguardian.com/books/2012/may/14/how-to-write-flash-fiction

Realm Makers gave us two picture prompts, a limit of 500 words and a deadline. http://faithandfantasyalliance.wordpress.com/2014/01/31/want-a-chance-at-a-free-registration-to-realm-makers/

The deadline is Feb. 21st, which only gives you 3 more days.  I'm kind of excited about my story.  I don't expect to win as this is only my first time writing Flash Fiction, so I'm sure there's more to learn. But I liked doing it and will probably try writing more.

So, who else out there writes Flash Fiction? Who else wants to learn? I'll go through the steps during the next few weeks. Maybe that will help get me back to blogging regularly again! 

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