Thursday, December 30, 2010

An amazing opportunity

Many of you may remember last May, when I attended the Highlights Whole Novel Workshop for Fantasy. It's time to apply for this workshop again! It's very costly, but you can also apply for a grant to help with costs, and you can arrange for payments. They only choose 8 authors, and the competition is fierce, but it was SO worth the time and money. I got a small grant and then was able to raise the money with the help of friends and total strangers. Here's the link:

Check it out and let us know if you decide to apply.
Happy New Year!!


  1. I won't be able to, but I wish you the best of luck! :D

  2. Pam,
    That's on my short list of workshops for 2012 (just can't swing it this year even with a scholarship).

    Would you be able to provide some additional feedback to what you posted on the blog in May, about what it's like, offline?


  3. Sure, Kirk - actually, I post it here so everyone who wants more info can see.

    The workshop is Sat. to Sat. We got our own, private cabin. They build LOTS of writing time into the week, as that's the goal. Revision. There are workshops, a group critique and two private meetings with your mentor. Laura Ruby and Anne Ursu are friendly and informative. They are good teachers. Laura was my mentor and I felt she had a good eye. She was encouraging and I still keep in touch with her.

    The food is great. They accomodate any food allergies or diets. We were treated like royalty.

    The setting is beautiful - up in the Pocono Mountains. It gets pretty chilly at night, so you'll want a sweatshirt. Unless we get an unusual heatwave. There's a stream at the bottom of the farmhouse - Calkins Creek. I spent a lot of time walking there.

    There's a cabin with a computer and printer. I was able to email, get on Facebook and also print out a page here and there to read to the group. There's a clock radio in the cabin, but no TV. Phone reception is sketchy.

    I'm an extrovert, so spending hours in my cabin alone was difficult at first. But it was necessary and good. I was able to revise my manuscript, which was almost complete at about 340 pages. I finished it at home.

    I live close enough to drive, so I was able to get into town a couple of times. But if you need anything, someone at Highlights will be happy to take you or get it for you.

    We also had a tour of the Highlights offices and Boyds Mills Press.

    It was a life-changing event for me, concerning my writing and I'm so thankful I was chosen. I received a small grant and was able to raise the rest of the money with the help of friends and family ... and even total strangers (friends of a friend.) But Highlights will work out payments for you. It's expensive, but totally worth it. Let me know if you apply!