Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Reading

Hey FFFers - before we go on with talking about writing fantasy, and because I'm up to my eyeballs with summer theatre and my husband's health issues, let's talk about some good books. 

Right now, my reading consists of my script. But after the show is done and we're on vacation, I'm planning to read Harriet Beamer Takes the Bus by Joyce Magnin, Cooking the Books by Bonnie Calhoun and a nonfiction book, Unleashing the Writer Within by Cec Murphey.  I may reread The Hunger Games.  Depends on how busy my family keeps me and how often I can get to the pool by myself.

Good writers are avid readers. We can read to learn, to enjoy, to glean what we can from those who have gone on before us. So, let's hear from everyone! What are you reading now? What are you planning to read?


  1. Hi, Pam,

    Interestingly, I too am reading Cooking the Books by Bonnie Calhoun and have been laughing up a storm. :) I'm also reading Joyce Magnin's first book, The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow. I love to read books by writers I know personally. The fact that I know them as friends brings an added dimension of joy to reading their works.



  2. Right now I'm about to read the second "Hunger Games". Haven't been reading as much as I should lately.

  3. Once again, I only get a blank page when I want to post something. Grrrrrrrr .... I'll have a new post as soon as I'm able!

  4. I still can't post anything. And when I try to report the issue, I can't get anything there, either. I even tried a different browser. But I'm working on a new website and will move the blog to there if I keep having problems. I'll keep trying to post. Hang in there!

  5. Great blog, Pam! Glad to have found it! I'm looking forward to reading the books YOU're reading here... Among other things, recently I've been reading the Armand Gamache mysteries by Louise Penny -- very intense!

  6. Wow! You sound so much like me! I have read 'The Lord of the Rings' series and of course 'The Hobbit' about seven times. And also Harry Potter many, many times. I am also a former home-schooling mom. I am in the midst of writing two fantasy novels. And at the moment, like you said, my scripts are what my attention is focused on. Tonight, I have found three very special blogs, and I KNOW with GOD this is NOT a coincidence. Awesome! And of course I read 'The Hunger Games' BEFORE they were even thought of being made into movies. They did an awesome job with the first true to the book...with a few crucial things left out. They needed to develop the characterization a bit more...otherwise, most of the other characters looked like dunderheads!
    I could go on and on, but Blogger only lets a person leave a 'normal' comment.
    Come on over to my blog!
    Teresa in California

  7. Oh! And you MUST read my brother's book 'The Dragon of Cripple Creek' by Troy Howell. The book is in its second printing. I do have a post about the book on my blog from about four weeks ago, check out my older posts. The book is available on Amazon books and Kindle and can be ordered from book stores.

  8. One more that I have read your profile thoroughly, I see that you like the Red Wall series. Yes...well, you see, my brother Troy Howell is also a childrens' book illustrator (since he was 17, for 'Cricket' magazine for children. But what I was going to say is, he is the American illustrator for all of the HARDBOUND jacket cover editions of the Red Wall series. The publishers of those books only acknowledged his artwork on the jacket covers, they acknowledge the English illustrator inside the credits in the actual book. On the paperback editions the book publisher actually had another 'on site' artist (one of their own) duplicate my brother's art work. Needless to say my brother did something about it and was paid, after the fact for their lack of discretion.
    Brian Jacques the author of the Red Wall series, who lived in England, actually passed away in April of 2011. My brother was able to meet him twice. Just some interesting information.
    I am now a follower of your blog.
    Thanks for listening!
    Also, check out '250 words a day' blog link on my sidebar. She also has 'tags' for 500 words a day, and 1,000 words a day. An incentive for writers to write.

  9. By the way...are you okay? since New Jersey had so many strange weather happenings this past year.
    Hope you are okay!

  10. Thanks, Teresa - we're all fine here. God spared our part of New Jersey. I'll stop by your blog, too. And I'm still hoping to get things worked out so I can start blogging here again.

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