Monday, July 26, 2010

I have not gone over to the dark side

Greetings dear friends - please forgive my silence yet again. I was up to my eyeballs with summer theatre. We did The Jungle Book. I was the music director/accompanist and helped with costumes. It was nuts. We lost a week of rehearsal time because our schools ran late due to all the snow we had this winter, so we had long practice times and even a few evening music rehearsals. But it went well and I'm back in the real world again.

Here I am with Baloo.

Before I go on with the aspects of fantasy writing, I'd like to hear from you. What would you like to talk about? What questions about fantasy do you have? We'll tackle them all.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!


  1. Hello there, I write for children, too. Picture books and MG novels. Just finished my first one and am editing. I wondered about your editing, My sentences need help. And I want to make sure it's the best it can be.

    We homeschool, too. Graduated the boys and have a girl that is in seventh grade this fall.

    I guess since you write fantasy, my novel wouldn't be something you would be interested in editing. I know it's close, but in my sentences, I have a lot of she did this/Then she did this. They need to be smoothed out.

    Love the pic with Baloo. Sounds like lots of fun.

    My email is robyn (at) robyncampbell (dot) com

    Found you from TWV2, btw. Have a blessed day. =)

  2. Hey! I'm so glad that the play went well :)

    Right now I'm working with the best way to portray a scene and characters. Any advice?